CFA Society Chicago Advisory Group Role Descriptions

Most advisory groups meet on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Unless noted below or on the calendar, meetings generally take place between 12-1 pm. Volunteers have the choice to join in person at the CFA Society Chicago office, or they can dial in via conference call.

It is not mandatory for volunteers to attend or call into every meeting, but any participation by way of meeting attendance or idea contribution is much appreciated. If a volunteer does not participate in a full fiscal year, contact with the volunteer will be attempted to confirm their desire to participate.

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ANNUAL DINNER (4-6 meetings per year)
Co-Chairs: Co-Chairs: Stephen Moy, CFA - PNC Wealth Management; Kristan Rowland, CFA - William Blair & Co.

The annual dinner is the society's flagship event and honors our society's new CFA Charterholders. The main tasks for the Annual Dinner Advisory Group volunteers include:

  • Soliciting corporate sponsorships from local investment firms and vendors utilizing network of contacts (July - August);
  • Supporting Society staff in obtaining commitments from past sponsors (July - August);
  • Providing suggestions on potential speakers to the incoming board Chairman (November - December);
  • Shaping the strategic direction of the event with suggestions to the board and society staff.

MEMBERSHIP ENGAGEMENT (meets on the 3rd Thursday every other month)
Co-Chairs: Maura Murrihy, CFA; Aaron Taylor, CFA - Chilmark Partners

The Member Engagement Advisory Group will be responsible to personally engage current and potential members of CFA Chicago. The group will act as ambassadors to promote and increase awareness about the credential, CFA Chicago membership, support the efforts of prospective CFA's through education and networking, create a foundation for young professional members by promoting learning opportunities relevant to the young financial professional, and building relationship between CFA Chicago and academia. The group can also serve as a resource and sounding board to staff on the development of strategy and campaigns.

The main tasks for the Membership Engagement Advisory Group volunteers include:

  • Making welcome wagon calls to new members
  • Serving as new member hosts at society events
  • Helping to match those applying to CFA Institute for membership with sponsors when the applicant does not otherwise have a relationship with a CFA Chicago member.
  • Working with other advisory groups to plan events designed to increase retention among existing members and increased the perceived value of active participation in CFA Chicago for senior executives and society members who have advanced to senior levels in their careers.
  • Brainstorming ideas on how to recruit new members and enhance the volunteers' experience
  • Maintaining the relationship between CFA Chicago and local universities by:
    • Coordinating the CFA Institute Research Challenge (Fall and Winter)
    • Coordinating the student liaison program
    • Matching members with speaking opportunities at local schools
    • Reviewing student essays submitted with membership applications
  • Reviewing scholarship applications for the Kimberly Paige Memorial Scholarship and the CFA Institute Exam Scholarships (twice a year - July and January);
  • Coordinating study group assignments for the CFA exams (twice a year - August and February);
  • Assisting with the society post-CFA exam party each June; the Study Group Kick-Off parties (summer and winter);
  • Brainstorming ways to engage the Candidate Member class to become more active with the society;
  • Making suggestions for the Candidates Services section of the society website.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (meets on the 4th Thursday every month)
Co-Chairs: Jenifer Aronson, CFA - MOSAIC FI; Andy Feltovich, CFA - Northern Trust

Professional Development Advisory Group is charged with developing programs to assist members excel during all stages of their careers and adjust to changes in the financial industry.

The main tasks for the Professional Development Advisory Group volunteers include:

  • Generating new event ideas that focus on industry-wide issues
  • Conducting outreach to industry leaders for speaking engagements or participation at events
  • Identifying and soliciting sponsors and exhibitors for the annual members-only Job Fair.
  • Conducting an annual compensation survey including maintaining societal collaborations with the purpose of designing, executing, analyzing, marketing, and publishing a compensation survey for the greater Chicago area.

CFA WOMEN'S NETWORK (meets on the 1st Thursday every other month)
Steering Committee Chair: Kerry Jordan, CFA - D'Orazio Capital Management

  • The charge and responsibilities of the CFA Women's Network will be established by the Steering Committee beginning July 1, 2015.

COMMUNICATIONS (meets 6 times annually)
Co-Chair: Brett Bina, CFA - Northern Trust; Pete Vinzani, CFA

The Communications Advisory Group ensures the members of CFA Society Chicago receive pertinent and timely information. The main tasks for the Communications Advisory Group volunteers include:

  • Reporting on society activities and people via Blog articles and social media efforts (ongoing);
  • Producing society Annual Report including the M&D section in the annual report (late fall);
  • Representing society at external forums calling for CFA/investment profession spokespersons (as needed);
  • Maintaining relationships with media and securing press coverage/publicity for society (ongoing);
  • Suggesting members for potential media interview opportunities; staff maintains database of capabilities (as needed);
  • Supporting society marketing efforts and outreach initiatives through social media (as needed);
  • Collaborating with CFA Institute on its relevant outreach such as advocacy (potential, none to date);
  • Providing input to society leadership on effectiveness of member communications (as needed);
  • Facilitating ongoing tracking of member satisfaction via surveys and other research (occasional in spring in conjunction with society surveys).
  • Useful Skills for Various Communications Functions:
    • Writing/proofreading/editing;
    • Speaking, both in public and potential cold calling;
    • Public relations/relationship management;
    • Personal interviewing;
    • Sensitivity to design issues, both for publications and website.

DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER SERIES (meets the 2nd Monday every month)
Co-Chairs: Patrick Bourbon, CFA - ProManage LLC ; Sunitha Thomas, CFA - Northern Trust

The Distinguished Speakers Series Advisory Group secures the industry's top financial leaders to speak at society luncheons. The main tasks for the Distinguished Speakers Series Advisory Group volunteers include:

  • Bringing speaker and topic suggestions to the committee for review;
  • Reviewing suggested speakers for relevancy to the membership at large;
  • Extending written and/or verbal invitations to selected speakers;
  • Following up with invitations and coordinating with society staff to secure dates;
  • Introducing speakers at the luncheon events (optional).

EDUCATION SEMINARS (meets on the 3rd Tuesday every month)
Co-Chairs: Garrett Glawe, CFA - S&P Dow Jones Indices; Robert Mudra, CFA - Ocean Tomo, LLC

The Education Advisory Group primary focus is to plan seminars for CFA Society Chicago members at every stage in their career. The main tasks for the Education Advisory Group volunteers include:

  • Utilizing the Professional Development Series Guideline to strategically plan educational events and half-day education seminars for financial professionals at every stage in their career;
  • Recruiting top level speakers to present/instruct during events;
  • Developing new education initiatives targeted for the benefit of CFA Chicago members;
  • Brainstorming topics and speakers for half-day education seminars, investment exchange forums, financial modeling courses, and Fundamentals of Investing programs;
  • Planning for Annual Educational Conference to be held each spring;
  • When requested by our subgroups: the Book Club, Investment Exchange Forum, or PDDARI, brainstorm ideas to support their missions.

SOCIAL EVENTS (meets on the 2nd Tuesday every other month)
Co-Chairs: Mark Cichra, CFA - KEMPER; Colin MacLean, CFA - BMO

The Social Advisory Group's mission is to organize relaxing, entertaining, and networking-oriented events in a variety of different environments that will appeal to our diverse group of members. Social events include annual fall CFA Society Chicago Board networking reception and group outings to sporting events, happy hours, networking lunches and dinners, themed events such as cooking classes, wine tastings, boat excursion, museum outings, etc. The main tasks for the Social Advisory Group volunteers include:

  • Generating new ideas for events;
  • Utilizing network of contacts at local clubs, private venues, entertainment facilities, restaurants, etc. to secure space;
  • Researching package deals, venue offerings, sports calendars, etc;
  • Identifying up-and-coming restaurants for networking luncheons and dinners;
  • Suggesting and possibly recruiting potential sponsors for the Annual Golf Outing;
  • Reporting and writing articles covering our events for the society newsletter.