Audit Committee

The Audit Committee shall provide assistance to the Board of Directors in fulfilling their oversight responsibility to the members relating to the Society's financial statements and the financial reporting process, the systems of internal accounting and financial controls, the internal audit function, and the annual independent audit of the Society's financial statements. In so doing, it is the responsibility of the Committee to maintain free and open communication between the independent auditors, management of the Society, and Society members.

The Committee shall be comprised of 5 people - 3 of whom shall be independent Board members not directly connected to Society finances. The remaining 2 slots shall be filled by the Society Treasurer and Finance Advisory Group Chair. The Chairman of the Board shall appoint the members of the Audit Committee, including the Chair, subject to Board approval. The current Chairman and Vice Chair also serve on the Committee in an ex-officio role.

Committee Members:

  1. Thomas Digenan, CFA - Chair
  2. Stephen Cummings, CFA
  3. Cheryl Francis
  4. Justin Sheperd, CFA
  5. Marie Winters, CFA - Secretary/Treasurer, Chair, Budget Committee
  6. Kerry Jordan, CFA (Chairman) (ex-officio)
  7. Doug Jackman, CFA (Vice Chair) (ex-officio)